• Compliance Assessment

    Revolutionises compliance, training and assessment by allowing you to record and manage your team’s performance.

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  • Competency Assessment

    Provides easy access to competency frameworks, allowing evidencing direct to pre-defined indicators.

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  • Training Assessment

    Provides easy accessible, customisable and targeted elearning resources.

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Why companies of all sizes are taking the SwiftTrack

SwiftTrack enables dynamic evidence collection and recording against established assessment criteria. It gives organisations the ability to easily track and monitor competence and performance standards.

Fully customisable to your way of doing things

SwiftTrack allows you not only to tailor the user experience, but the whole system — bringing it inline with your way of working.

Write your own attainments, competencies and resources

SwiftTrack's cloud-hosted software stores all of your personnel records, competency framework, evidence and learning resources in one safe and easily accessible place.


Mobile, cloud-based assessment and learning resources

Full HD Video, photo and audio-based evidencing as standard

Ready to use right out of the box — then customisable to your requirements

Unlimited possibilities, designed to work in any industry or application


Revolutionising the way staff competency and skills are tracked

The basic need for quick, easy appraisal has always been paramount when performing on-site assessment — typically gathering of this data is done using a clipboard and pen, and the storage of this data is held in a spreadsheet, but with this simplicity comes limitation. Data retrieval and examination is slow and both the quality and accuracy can be low.

SwiftTrack changes all this — whilst keeping the inherent simplicity and ease of use of the clipboard and pen, SwiftTrack brings all the power, functionality, accuracy and time-saving benefits expected from a cutting-edge, cloud-based app.