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Evidencing and assessment​


The SwiftTrack ePortfolio is an App-based system that supports evidence collection and assessment. Learners access their ePortfolio via a unique and secure login. Once on the system learners use the ePortfolio functionality to collect and store evidence against predetermined assessment criteria such as those found in apprenticeship standards, workplace competency frameworks and vocational qualifications.

Assessors access assigned learners via the mobile app. They are assigned to individual learners and have access to those learner’s individual ePortfolios. It is the role of the assessor to review the evidence presented by the learners, judge it against the standard and sign to confirm when the required standard has been met. Assessors can also add evidence to a learner’s ePortfolio and can post feedback in the form of reviews.

Other roles that can be established on the system to support learners include workplace trainers (witnesses), workplace managers and quality assurers, both internal and external.

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