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What is SwiftTrack?

Providing powerful yet simple tools for assessment and management

SwiftTrack is the inspiration of the two Directors, Matthew Riley and Patrick McDaniel. It was developed based on their shared vision to make learning, training and assessment not only easier, but more engaging.

After more than a year of consultancy with training companies and industry bodies and a further year of development, what emerged was a platform comprising of two key technologies; A cloud-based Learning/Training Management System, and a Mobile App.

These powerful yet simple to use tools are at the core of all that SwiftTrack does and are being developed and enhanced continuously so that users can benefit from new technology as it emerges.


Managers or Administrators can create and track candidates, assessors, learning tasks, resources and more.


Candidates can work offline or online to access resources, training records, gather evidence and progress.

About our founders

Patrick McDaniel

The need for a system like SwiftTrack was initially identified by Patrick via his work as a training and development consultant. His clients wanted the ability to collect evidence of the workplace competence of employees to satisfy the demands of customers and to meet the needs of assessed vocatinal qualifications training initiatives systems such as industry based apprenticeship programmess.

Matthew Riley

Matt has been the creator and lead developer on the project since conception. Being the driving force behind the LMS and the mobile applications, Matthew has now taken on the role of Chief Technical Officer at SwiftTrack, in order to better guide the technical side of the business — but still loves to get his hands dirty coding with the development team whenever he can!

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